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Dr. Chad Luce

  • ""I have had lower back problems for 25+ years. I have also had numbness between my shoulders and tingling in my spine. My head has always been angled in photos, etc. I tried yoga, physical therapy, and occasional chiropractic adjustments." Following chiropractic care with Dr. Chad, "I can once again do gardening without pain. The numbness and tingling have disappeared between my shoulders, and my head is much straighter and more erect.""
    Anne L.
  • ""Lower back pain with left sciatic pain from my hip to my knee, and headaches, with trouble sleeping." Following chiropractic care with Dr. Chad, "Less pain in my lower back, greater range of motion, reduced headaches, sleeping easier, without medications, and taking less ibuprofen for pain.""
    Deborah B.
  • ""Serious low back problems, upper back problems. Been to five doctors, was given 6 medications, had four injections of cortisone, and was ready to perform surgery until I arrived here." Following chiropractic care with Dr. Chad, "I'm off all six medications, feel great, sleep great, lots of energy, eat healthy, feel healthy, live life to the best. Thank you, Dr. Chad!""
    Jay S.
  • ""Back pain when standing; also, pain in my knees and legs." Following chiropractic care with Dr. Chad, "No pain in my back; able to work long periods standing on cement floors. Knees and legs 90% better. Can tell a world of difference every time I come in for an adjustment!!""
    Billy B.
  • ""I suffered from neck pain, especially in the morning. I also had recurring heartburn. I tried Tums for the heartburn." Following chiropractic care with Dr. Chad, "I have not had any heartburn since I started the adjustments, and barely have any neck pain. I am feeling much more energetic, and my body posture has improved significantly. THANK YOU!""
    Andrea R.
  • ""I had neck soreness, stiffness, and my back/neck were out of alignment." Following chiropractic care with Dr. Chad, "I had better alignment and posture! Less stiffness in my neck and less pain. Overall, better mobility. I sleep much better at night, as well.""
    Jenn M.
  • ""Hips clicking, sore neck and shoulders, pain in hip joints. Pain in gluteus muscle radiating up the side of my back. Advil as-needed." Following chiropractic care with Dr. Chad, "My neck and shoulders are great. Bending down on hands and knees better. Still some discomfort occasionally in hips.""
    Becky E.

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